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Niche Micro USA is an SEO company, which specializes in “Niche” SEO Marketing. Niche Traffic helps to eliminate competition by eliminating keyword terms that have high competition. The highly competitive keyword terms are replaced with other niche keywords that have high traffic and little or no competition web sites.

This allows our client the ability to tap into keywords that still produce search inquiries, with a commercial intent, that can actually produce real results….sales!

 Niche Micro USA does a combination of the following for our clients:

  • Find keyword niches for target markets.
  • Determine which keyword niches have zero or little competition
  • Marketing Blogs
  • SEO Portal Sites
  • Unique Content Articles
  • Linking Building
  • Social Networking

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The Niche Micro USA team consists of Search
Engine Marketing Professionals & Engineers
who have only one goal... Your Success!

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